Spring 2013

To the launch issue of our new digital magazine.

Why are we sending it to you? We understand it’s an expensive time to be a motorist. So this magazine is dedicated to making your motoring life easier, more affordable and ultimately more enjoyable.

The brilliant thing about it is that you can read it anywhere – on your tablet, mobile or PC. It brings you closer to the action, whether that’s video or vibrant photography, and closer to the many exclusive benefits you can access as an RAC member (including a 10% discount at our Shop).

We hope you enjoy it – let us know what you think!

Motorists. We salute you.

Alex Heath
Head of Membership



Hitching a ride with James

Top chef James Martin wants to know if you've got his Nova

Mud, flood (or snow)

The Sunday Times's Andrew Frankel brings you the best 4x4s for every budget

Spring treasure hunts

Five great driving adventures from around Britain and France


Motoring news

Dates, drives, deals and discounts: our motoring round-up


Your chance to win the ultimate driving machine

Meet the road rescue team

We spend an eventful day with Dorset Patrol Louise French


My incredible commute

Three ordinary people, three very unusual drives to work

Fuel: the big picture

What we’re doing about rising fuel prices and tips to keep costs down


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