Summer 2013
Welcome... a summer of fun.

Yes, we've said it. The 'F' word. Remember what it was like to have fun at the wheel? When driving was cheaper, when there were fewer jams, quieter roads; when cars were fun to drive and when the sun shone?

Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about the weather. But we can make your motoring life more enjoyable. In this issue of the magazine, there’s news of a new jam-busting Route Planner, an innovation that avoids breakdowns before they happen, and ideas to help you save on the costs of motoring. We take a spin with Bill Bailey, offer our pick of the best convertibles and reveal some stunning spots to dine out in the wild.

It’s your summer survival pack; we hope you enjoy it.

Alex Heath
Head of Membership

Motorists. We salute you.


Hitching a ride with Bill

Comedian Bill Bailey on Citroens and getting lost in the Outback

Best for: British summers

Andrew Frankel picks out the top convertibles for every budget

Eat outdoors; sleep outdoors

We bring you Britain and France’s best picnic and ‘glamping’ spots


September Newsletter

Learn how to drive in fog and why now's a good time to buy used

Goodwood superstar

Details on how to win the Ariel Atom as seen at Goodwood

Save as you drive

New matchbox-sized RAC Advance will change the way you drive


Married to my motor

We meet three people who truly love their rather special cars

1989 v 2013: what’s changed?

It’s nearly a quarter of a century since RAC’s first motoring report


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